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802, 2016

Welcome to Hmongtown Marketplace

Hmongtown Marketplace welcomes all visitors and guests. Thousands of people visit the market every day to shop, eat, browse or just sight-see. There is a lot to see and experience. We hope you enjoy your visit!  

702, 2016

Visitors Rules and Regulations

The following HTM rules and regulations for the visitor are designed to make sure your visit is fun, pleasant and safe. We expect all visitors and guest to follow these rules. Any violation of these rules can result in fines, expulsion from HTM or arrest by the Saint Paul Police [...]

702, 2016

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702, 2016

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Facebook Status

21st of April 2016 04:46 PM Link
Stop BY! Its free! Its happening this Saturday from 9 am - 2 pm.
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20th of March 2016 03:13 PM Link
Check out the new cosmetics booth- C-21!
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26th of February 2016 12:22 PM Link
Crab and fish today and tomorrow! While inventory lasts!
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10th of February 2016 03:31 PM Link
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8th of January 2016 12:41 PM Link
Did you hear about this? If not , check this out !
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